4 Ways To Improve your English Vocabulary

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Hi, Guys! In this article, I will share about 4 Ways To Improve your English Vocabulary.

English is an important language should be learnt by people. By learning English, you can feel more confidence.

Usually, people think that someone who can speak English well must be smarter than other. But in fact, many people have some problems to speak English fluently and properly.

Some people who I met said that vocabulary is one of big problem when they are learning English.

They do not feel confident to speak and write something in English because lack of vocabulary.

So, we can conclude that we have to improve our English vocabulary in order to make us can speak English well.

Here, I have 4 ways can help you to improve your English vocabulary.

  • Reading

By reading English book, you can find a lot of new English vocabulary. Actually, not only book, you can also read an article written by English, or you can read novel like Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring in English version, and also English magazine, etc.

When you find a new English vocabulary, you can open your dictionary to get the meaning in your language.

Now, we can get application of English dictionary in our hand-phone. So, it really helps us to know the meaning of the new English vocabulary that we get easily. 

After that, we must memorize the new word in our mind.

  • Listening

We know that many people love listening the music. Listening the music also can help you to improve your English vocabulary.

By listening the music, you can get some advantages, such as: You can add your English vocabulary and you also can listen how to speak the words correctly and properly.

Then, you can list the new words and get the meaning from your dictionary. 

Of course, you have to memorize them and use it in daily speaking.

  • Watching

There are many interesting movies. If you want to improve your English vocabulary, you should watch the movie that use English.

By watching the movie, you can also hear the way to speak the words fluently. By reading the subtitle, you can directly get the meaning.

So, you can learn English by improve your English vocabulary happily. You can enjoy the learning process.  

  • Speak English to your friends

If you get the new English vocabulary, you have to use them in speaking to others.

You can speak English to your friends, parents or teachers.

You can memorize all the new English vocabulary by using them in daily speaking.

I hope this article can help you to improve your English vocabulary. 

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